WordPress Plugins: Here are 10 Essential Ones

WordPress Plugins

Plugins are one of the best features WordPress has to offer – they add cool features and functions, and there’s a plugin for every need you can imagine. But these plugins can also be a deadly siren call for affiliate marketers. It’s important to have a few on your WordPress website because they make the process of updating your site and getting it indexed in search engines simpler. But too many can slow down your loading time and worse, can distract you from your work as an affiliate. Don’t waste time installing dozens of plugins.

Instead focus on the best free WordPress plugins:


Spam Free WordPress

Spam is a terrible problem on WordPress. Once your site gets a few entries, the spammers will rush in and make engaging with your real visitors a lot more difficult. Luckily there’s Spam Free WordPress, a free program that stops spammers cold.


W3 Total Cache

This is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. Page loading is important, and this plugin caches your website for faster delivery. That means your site will stay up during sudden floods of traffic. This can have a big impact on customer satisfaction – and your search engine rankings.


Comment Redirect

This handy plugin will redirect new commenters to a page of your choosing. This is a great opportunity to thank people for visiting and participating on your site. You can even offer them a gift! What a great way to increase customer loyalty.



We don’t like to think about it often, but affiliate sites get hacked all the time, and the more successful you are, the more secure you’ll need to be. You can improve the security of your WordPress installation by always keeping everything up to date, but Secure-WP goes the extra mile and remove sensitive information from the default install and from standard user accounts.


Google XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps give search engines an easy look into how your site is organized and is a critical tool for moving up the rankings. This is a lightweight plugin that saves you the trouble of creating and updating a sitemap.


Yoast SEO

There are plenty of great SEO plugins out there for WordPress. I love Yoast because it allows you to quickly edit your META tags, title description, keywords, and a bunch of other information – and it gives you a live preview of how it’ll look in a search engine.


Thank Me Later

When someone comments on your blog, what happens to them? This plugin will send a follow up email to commenters who haven’t been by in a while. It’s a great way to scoop up return traffic!


Tiny MCE Advanced

As an affiliate marketer, you’re going to want to use all the formatting that’s available to you in order to draw people’s eyes to important text and keep your work engaging, right? TinyMCE Advanced gives you more options when formatting your post. It’s not essential, but it’s well worth having on your site.



This free plugin will add similar posts to the bottom of your post – along with a featured image. This makes it easier for people who finish one article to visit another suggested article on your website, which gives you another chance to give great information and close the sale.



Social media is a must for your website. If you’ve written something great, you want to make it easy for people to notice and share with their friends. This plugin does just that, adding visually attractive buttons for almost a hundred social bookmarking sites.


And there you have it – ten essential plugins that will make your life as an affiliate much easier. Don’t be afraid to add a couple more important plugins that fit your needs, but remember not to get distracted!


Which plugins do you like? Leave your comments below.


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