Why Videos Need To Be A Part Of Your Social Media Strategy

Social MediaSocial media marketing is any initiative done on social media to gain customer attention and website traffic. It is what a lot of marketers and companies are doing today to communicate to customers and increase sales.

According to Hubpost, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media was important to their business; 80% of these said that their social media efforts improved traffic to their websites.

Using social media then can be rewarding for many companies. It is not only a great avenue for companies to reach more customers, but it also makes their products more accessible and visible. Marketing content in social media can take the form of shorts posts, photos and videos.


Videos are strongly becoming popular in social media.

More people are now either making their own videos or sharing them on social media platforms. Facebook Co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, says that most Facebook content are content that are shared by people to friends and sharing videos is becoming more and more popular.

Twitter also made the move towards video marketing. In 2014, it introduced Promoted Video. This helps marketers upload and distribute native videos on Twitter. This means that, instead of just sharing video links, people are now be able to embed and view videos on Twitter. This is good news for marketers who want to make video part of their social media strategy.


Numerous articles and studies online have shown the benefits of using videos to market products to consumers.

Adding video content on social media can bring:

  • Increased brand awareness. Social media is valuable to companies since it makes products more visible and accessible to customers. People like to share, re-post or re-tweet interesting and novel content. Add video content and people will able to see and connect to your product or brand in an effective and more powerful way. A study shows that 41% internet users are more likely to share and repost videos. This gives companies more opportunities to reach more audiences and customers.
  • Improved customer interaction. Social media enables companies to connect to people. When companies build a “following” they interact with potential, new and existing customers. With every interaction, there is a chance to convert and make a sale. Videos enhance that interaction by giving customers a more complete picture of what your company or product is like.
  • Better brand or company image. Social media humanizes companies and brands. It is “a place where brands act like people do.” When customers see this human side, they are more likely to trust a company or brand and buy a product or service. Videos can add another dimension to this since it makes use of facial expression, body language and music to connect to people. Videos can be used to show a typical day at work or a company’s commitment to a cause.

With these benefits and more, video marketing can improve and enhance social media marketing.


What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below.


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This article has 12 Comments

  1. Overall, thank you for the information! It was easily organized, and it looked neat. So that’s a plus. I like the layout and pictures! It seems like you really understand your niche, so it makes the website seem credible. Also you choose a unique niche as well so it makes the material interesting to read.

  2. Andy,
    i have noticed that I spend more time looking at videos on Social networks. Every day it seems like there are more an more of them.
    Do you recommend short videos. What is the amount of time when the visitor will no longer keep watching?
    Will it help if you share others videos or should this be limited to the videos that you produce promoting only your brand name?

    1. I believe if the video has good content and keeping the visitor engaged, they will watch it to the end. Unless you’re showing a webinar recording or a how-to video, I would keep it short. The reason I say that is because some sites have requirements. Facebook, for example, limits you to 1GB, which is around 20 minutes. As for the kind of videos to use, it’s ok to use other peoples videos as long as your getting your message across. Every time you share a video, you want to make some commentary about it anyway.

  3. So far I’ve avoided anything to do with video for my marketing. It keeps nagging at me in the back of my mind that I should do something with video, and posts like your one just reinforce that thought. Most people would probably rather watch a video than read a post of text. We’re getting lazier and reading sometimes feels like hard work. With video we can simply click a button and watch and listen. Thanks for your informative post.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Darren. I don’t know if we’re getting lazier. I think videos makes it more personal. I thinks it’s easier to hear that in someone’s voice or face than in writing.

  4. You really make it sound so simple.

    I’ve been debating about adding video to my website for months. I know, just like you explained, videos need to be part of my social media strategy.

    Actually, I don’t have a social media strategy. I’m just sort of muddling along.

    Part of my struggle with video is I don’t want to get in front of the camera. Really, I don’t even want to talk into the mic. Call me shy.

    That said, I have recently purchased video editing software. The die is cast. Now, I suppose I’ll have to step out of my comfort zone. I hate that.

    1. Getting in front of a camera can be scary, trust me I know lol. There are other ways to use video on your site. You can make animated videos. You can go on Fiverr and hire someone to do the voice over for you, all you have to do is provided the slides. It doesn’t even have to be your video. If you find a video, on YouTube for example, that goes with what you’re trying to say on your article, then by all means embed the video in your post. Here’s an example, http://makinglifeprofitable.com/do-you-enjoy-your-….

  5. Hey Andy,

    Great article! You are absolutely right, videos are growing, especially YouTube. More and more internet entrepreneurs are turning to YouTube. However, making videos are naturally harder than writing a post, but it’s worth it. I think I should start a YouTube channel one day, but currently I’m just focusing on blogging and SEO. (One step at a time)


    1. Thanks for the feedback Samuel. You’re so right. One step at a time. Master one thing then move to the other.

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