Thinking About Making A Video? Here Are Some Tips

Thinking About Making A Video? Here Are Some TipsThere is a strong interest in video marketing these days. Companies are now using videos online to market their products to customers. While there are agencies and services that can help them create successful content, companies have to contend with competitors to vie for the attention of their target audience and customers.

Just having a video for the sake of having one simply won’t do!

A video needs to stand out and add value to its audience.

With this in mind, here are some tips from video marketing contributors and experts that companies can use to create great marketing videos:

  • Be clear. Jennifer Jager, a Creative Director at Plum Productions and a Contributor at, shares that most clients and companies consult her without knowing what to do with a web video. She shares that companies want a new video for a website or a campaign, but either have too many ideas for a 60-seconder video or have none at all. They need to be guided as to what they want to achieve with a video. Before hiring a video crew or consulting a video marketing expert, companies should know what their goal is and who they want to reach. A good rule to follow is to be clear. Be clear with your goal. Be clear with your audience. Be clear with your message.
  • Invest in production. Have you seen a TED talk lately? Although most lecture-type videos are boring, TED videos are compelling and fascinating. Although they last longer than music videos, TED videos have a million views and are widely shared. What makes them successful is that TED invests in quality. TED invests in production value. Chris Anderson, TED’s Founder and Curator, shares that they put a lot of thought into each lecture. They make it like a music video and play with lighting, camera angles, graphics and audio mixing. When creating a marketing video, get professionals to do it. They can add creative insights and solve production issues that come along the way. This helps companies and marketers focus on what’s important -their strategy and message.
  • Be creative with content. Companies and marketers can be more creative with their content. Instead of having a company CEO or VP talk about a product in front of a camera, companies can tell a story. This need not be a company or brand story. To have a compelling story, the characters must be relatable and must have a journey that viewers would want to know and follow. Aside from storytelling, companies can also help customers or viewers by giving tips or hints. They can show on video how to use, clean or fix a product. They can also share new information related to their product or industry.
  • Maximize video use online. Brenton Williamson, a Video Producer at Bamboo HR – the No. 1 online HR software for small and medium businesses, shares that companies can maximize a video by knowing how to use it online. First, videos are great for brand awareness. They easily reach people who have not heard of your product or brand. Second, videos reinforce brand validation. The videos that are embedded on their website act as “the windows into their company.” They give clients and prospects an idea of what their company is and what they stand for. Third, videos educate their prospects. Their videos highlight their software’s features and advantages. These not only inform, but they also give prospects and clients confidence in their product. Fourth, videos help retain and educate existing customers. They have hints and tips videos that help customers use their products.

Here’s a great video that explains what I’m talking about. It’s a video by Wistia, which is the company I use to store my videos.


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  1. Some really good advice here with regards to making a video.

    It would be great to get some pros in to shoot the video and do the production, if one can afford that. Might be beyond the budget of a beginning marketer.

    The story telling theme is a good idea. I’ve seen a few marketing videos that use this approach and it’s effective. Makes the person or company seem more human and likeable, too.

    I must try my hand at video soon. It’s something I’ve been putting off for some time now. Thanks for this great post.

  2. Really like the website. I did a couple of videos to promote my website. And I definitely too some notes here. I need to spice it up. I need to have multiple angles, meaning a couple more cameras recording. I need to take it a little more serious. I was thinking about investing in a goPro camera so I could show people from my perspective. Great site and good advice.

  3. Andy, these are some really great tips for making effective videos. There’s no doubt that properly done videos are a powerful tool for acquiring and converting customers. I myself don’t think I would be very good at this kind of thing — I’m not necessarily camera shy, but I just don’t think I would be a good fit. If I were to make a video for marketing purposes I would most likely hire somebody else.

  4. This is a great post regarding videos for our websites. Ive been thinking about doing some of my own to support some how-to articles I’ve done to help people with a visual to reference. Also have had some requests so I will definitely be taking some advice from your post to help with my video making adventure. Thanks for the read!

  5. Greeting.

    I like your article – it’s very well written and easy to read due to the well thought layout.

    I have been thinking of making video to promote my product online and to be honest it’s seem impossible I could do it by myself and your blog is really helpful. Thanks for writing it. God bless you

    I wish you best of luck.

  6. Love your very timely information on tips for why you need video and making them for in order to more effectively market your brand/product(s). I definitely agree that you shouldn’t make a video just for the sake of having one.

    As you suggest, clear and creative content and professional production are indeed required. I don’t know how many times I’ve skipped over bad videos because they were poorly done even though I was interested in the subject matter.

    Thank you for reinforcing that It ‘s not a good idea just to slap a video on your site just to have one, but a great video should an additional investment you should make.
    Best wishes for continued success to a profitable life. Barbara

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