Recruiting Mindset #1: Laying The Foundation

Before I talk about laying your foundation, let’s talk about who you are as an online business owner. What do you call yourself?

Do you call yourself a marketer or recruiter?

Recruiting Mindset

Definition of MARKETER 

:  one that deals in a market; specifically :  one that promotes or sells a product or service. 

Definition of Recruiter

: to find suitable people and get them to join a company, an organization, the armed forces, etc. 

: to form or build (a group, team, army, etc.) by getting people to join 

: to persuade (someone) to join you in some activity or to help you 


What are your thoughts after reading both definitions? 

As online marketers, we are promoting a service, a product, a membership site or whatever it may be. We promote to do what? To get people to pay for that product, service or membership site. So you can also say we recruiting, right? 

So I ask you again, what do you call yourself? 

As of today I call myself an ONLINE RECRUITER!

This is the first of several posts that I’ll be calling “Recruiting Mindset”. When you read these, you’ll probably think they are for people in the Network Marketing industry and you’re right. I included these in my weekly newsletter I sent to my downline. But a lot of the things I talk about in them, can also be used in you online business. Just like network marketers, you’re trying to convince people to buy your product or service right?

I hope they help you in some way.


Now back to our regularly scheduled program

One of the biggest challenges facing recruiters (marketers), whether it’s network marketing or selling a product or service, is finding quality prospects. It’s not because it’s hard, but because it’s rarely taught. 

Because of that, most who “make it” learn through trial and error. Unfortunately, very few go on to enjoy the level of success they might otherwise have reached. 

The fact is, No one is born a natural recruiter or marketer. 

That is why education is very important. You can’t expect to get better at anything unless you spend the time researching and learning how to do it. I was floored when I read how much networkers like Mike Dillard and Ryan Angelo have spent educating themselves to get where they are today, until I asked myself, “What price tag do you put on your success?” 

Once I answered that question, price was not an issue and I haven’t looked back since. 

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned so far. And what I mean by so far is that you never learn everything. The moment you think you know it all, that’s the beginning of your downfall. There is always something new popping up everyday. 

Now back to recruiting. Hopefully what I share with you will help you improve your results. 

I want to lay a foundation…….


When it comes to recruiting, MINDSET reigns supreme!

You can learn all the strategies and tips you want, but for them to work, you must have the proper mindset.

The good news is: mindset is something you can develop even when starting out.  

So what’s this mindset I keep talking about? It’s your “state of mind” (what’s going on in your head) when you’re speaking with or writing to a prospect, when you’re writing a post, when you’re advertising. It’s what you’re saying to yourself. The good news is that with little practice, it’s easy to control it and make it work for you (rather than against you).  

Let me explain what I’m saying here.  

Most people will approach prospects thinking, “Gee, I hope this guy will be interested in what I have to say”, or “I hope I can get this gal to buy from me”.  

Not good. Wrong Mindset. Your prospect will instantly sense your desperation.  

It gets worse: Many will actually verbalize these thoughts and say things like, “Joe, will you do me a favor and look at what I have to offer?”.  

Wrong again. Think about it, why should they do you a favor?  

Instead of thinking “I hope I can get this guy”, try adopting a mindset like “Is this someone who deserves my time?”. 

Instead of, “I hope I can get this gal to buy from me”, you want to be thinking something like this, “if this gal qualifies, she’s going to be very glad she met me.”  

NEVER ask someone, “will you do me a favor?” Why should they?  

Your mindset should be, “John, you seem like a sharp guy and I feel I could work with you. I’m going to do you a favor and give access to some information. Take your time and review it this afternoon and let’s talk again this evening”.  

Your mindset should always be:  

You must never come across desperate. If you do, your prospects will sense it and run. 

When it comes to mindset, remember this: you have the cookie!


What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.


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This article has 6 Comments

  1. You make some good points about the difference between marketing and recruiting. People often have negative connotations when you try to market them something. It is all about how you frame it. I still think there are some negative connotations though if you tell someone you want to recruit them to something.

  2. What an incredible post. I think that it is time I start to think like a recruiter and shift my mindset if I want to take online business to the next level. My goal is to never seem desperate because that is something I dislike as a consumer myself. It’s an incredible tactic to value myself as the one doing the favor instead of the one asking for the favor.

    Thank you for the inspiration,

    1. Thanks Diana. It’s all about believing in yourself and your business. If you don’t think you’re the best at what you do then there’s a problem in my opinion.

  3. Ultimately, marketing is a form of communication. Once you get into the mindset of communicating with “people” and not “consumers” then you will be able to touch the emotion of your intended audience. That’s why I love blogging so much. You can reach people at the core.

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