Recruiting Mindset #9: The Rhino Factor – Single Minded Focus

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 “… I can see how tough I was — the killer instinct, the single-mindedness, playing like a machine. Boy, that’s what made me a champion.” – Chris Evert Lloyd


Rhino Factor


Rhinos are HUGE animals. And when they charge, they’re fast.

They lower their head and charge with a single-minded focus that is virtually unmatched in the animal kingdom.

That’s the same way our focus must be when it comes to our business. Maintaining a single-minded focus can help you attract serious prospects. It’s one of the most important things you can do to increase your success.


There’s an easy fix if you are struggling with this:

  • Schedule yourself. Schedule your prospecting time, your follow-ups, all your business activity. Then, stick to your schedule. If you have prospecting time scheduled, prospect! Don’t check email or do other things at the same time.DO NOT fall into the trap of having your attention diverted by distractions.


  • Be disciplined. Those other tasks can wait until their scheduled time. If you try and do too many things at once, you’ll do all of them poorly and you’ll lose your momentum and become inefficient. Also, don’t “major in the minors.” You can blow through countless valuable hours by shuffling papers, drawing graphs, making spreadsheets and checking your email.


You can make those hours pay off and spend them in front of prospects (either on the phone or in person).


Yes, it pays to organized.Organized

What I am saying is allocate your time and stick to your schedule. Devote the majority of your time to prospecting and generating new business.

  • Talking to new people.
  • Plugging them into information on your products or services.
  • Following-up.

Use a planner and schedule the time that you devote to your business and stick to it! Make it a point to schedule clerical stuff outside of normal prospecting hours.

Too many people waste truckloads of valuable prospecting time on organizational activities. They’re busy, they feel like they’re working. And they are. Trouble is, they’re busy working on the wrong things and wondering why they aren’t making money.


Listen to me.

Sit down and map out HOW you’re spending your week when it comes to your business.

  • How much time are you allocating to generating new business?
  • What might you do to free up MORE TIME for that activity?

Do it. Force yourself to FOCUS and approach your business building with the single minded charge of a RHINO.

You’ll have days where it all goes wrong. That’s OK. Just don’t get derailed. Get back on track as soon as possible, and make each day a focused charge to success.

You can do it!


What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below.


If you haven’t read the prior posts on recruiting, click here .


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