Recruiting Mindset #7: Who Are You, And Why Do We Care

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… Forget your past. Who are you now? – Anthony RobbinsWho Are You, And Why Do We Care


As business owners, we sometimes lose perspective. The “perspective” of our prospects. When that happens, it costs us and we’ll pull down our success.

I read this article by Bob Leduc a few days ago and thought I would pass it along to you. I believe it explains this point perfectly.


I recently dialed a wrong telephone number and heard the following recorded message:

“Hi. You’ve reached Mike and Kathy. Who are you and why do we care?”

It was immediately followed by the “beep” signaling my opportunity to leave a message. I obviously dialed the wrong number so I hung up. But then I started thinking about that abrupt message. That’s exactly what every potential customer thinks when he or she is exposed to any advertising message… “Who is this and why do I care?”



How would you answer a prospective customer who asked, “Who are you and why should I care?” If you were the prospect, would that answer increase or decrease the desire to do business with you?

Prospects may not ask you this question — at least not in words that blunt. But they are asking it, silently and unconsciously, every time they see your ad, visit your website or listen to your sales presentation. You can increase the effectiveness of all your advertising by automatically answering it for them. It’s actually a 2 part question so we’ll look at each part separately.



People only buy products and services from companies and individuals they trust. Part of that trust is the assurance that you’re capable of delivering the benefit each customer expects in return for the money he or she pays you.

The unspoken answer to “Who are you…?” may be as simple as including a statement like, “authorized distributor for ???” (the name of a well-known company) in your ads or promotional material. New distributors for network marketing companies often use the well-known corporate name of their company to establish credibility for their business opportunity offer. Opportunity seekers tend to overlook the credentials of a novice distributor when the opportunity is supported by the resources of a well-known large company.

TIP: Instead of listing professional credentials or personal achievements, convert them into benefits for your customers. For example, prospects and customers don’t care that you were a top producer in your organization last quarter. They do care that you helped so many new distributors just like them get off to a fast start last quarter that their production made you a top producer in your organization.



People buy things because they expect to gain something more valuable (to them) than the money they spend to get it. What they expect to gain is a BIG BENEFIT. That’s why they care — IF they are the right prospects for your product or service.

You control whether or not they’re the right prospects. How? By targeting your advertising to reach prospects most likely to have a strong need or desire for the benefits provided by your product or service. It’s easy to capture the attention and interest of prospective customers when they already need or want the benefits you provide.

TIP: Be sure to promote the biggest single benefit you offer to prospects in your targeted market. If you target several different markets, determine the most important benefit for each and promote it in that market. The big benefit may be different for each market.


You may never be asked, “Who are you and why do I care?” But prospects and customers silently and unconsciously ask it every time they see your ad, visit your website or listen to your sales presentation. You’ll see a dramatic increase in the results of any ad or promotion when you automatically give them the answer.


About the Author

Bob Leduc retired from a 30 year career of recruiting sales personnel and developing sales leads. Article brought to you by AA ARTICLES.


That’s it’s for today…

Next time, I want to share with you the secret to overcoming obstacles and achieving the success you deserve.


What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below.


If you haven’t read the prior posts on recruiting, click here .


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  1. this is really great website! its very easy understand im sure this must have helped lot of people and for beginners its gonna be so easy and im sure you will update more and more posts which are really useful! great stuff so far!
    keep up the good work!
    cheers mate!

  2. Until recently (health issues followed by an aggressive company takeover) I have been working in B2B sales for many years.
    Bob LeDuc is spot on the money, and you have posed the problem perfectly. THe cold-call or initial introduction is one of the hardest moments to build trust.
    My favourite method has always been simple, I just tell them who I am and why I’m calling upfront. It cuts out those who don’t care and connects me instantly to those who do care.

    I’m curious though – what do YOU do in the same situation?

    1. I’m the same as you. There are plenty of people out there who’ll want my product or service. I don’t waste my time with rebuttals.

  3. Bob,

    Wow, that’s powerful message “who are you and why do we care?”. Maybe the guys on the other end were just being quirky it does tell a lot, as you’ve mentioned about the mindset of our audience.

    If one have these questions in mind while building their campaign, I am sure they can do a much better job.

    And that’s exactly what I will do myself.

    Thanks for the awesome insights, man.

  4. Hey there, it’s Alexey. The title was kinda confusing at first, but when I saw “Tony Robbins” It all made sense 🙂
    I like the guy, and I listen to him a lot. What you share here with us in this article is very important. Self development was always something that I liked – and you give huge value here to the visitors. Keep up with the good work!

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