Recruiting Mindset #5: How To Keep Your Prospects From Disappearing When You Send Them To Your Website

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… They’re there one second and you blink and they’re gone. – Nanette White 


Has this ever happened to you?Keep Your Prospects From Disappearing

You just got off the phone with a great prospect. You had a great interview, they’re sincere, motivated and you’re thinking: “this person would be PERFECT for this!”

You send them to your website…

And then never hear from them again. In fact, they don’t even return YOUR phone calls. You sit at your desk and wonder: what happened? What made my prospect DISAPPEAR?

Trust me, you’re not alone. It happens all the time and the cause of that has to do with the kind of site you’re sending them to, and the way you’re sending them there.

Let me explain.

Many network marketing companies, affiliate marketing companies, etc., provide you with a company designed websites. These sites “look good” but often lack strong, benefit oriented copy. Your prospects get to see some cool pictures, read some good features and end up leaving with little to no real understanding of HOW the business really works, and what’s involved. The average prospect will spend less than 5 minutes clicking around a site. Even the most motivated prospects will often come away “empty handed” and not really understanding what your business is all about.


There are some very easy fixes to this problem:Keep Your Prospects From Disappearing

1) Whenever possible, send your prospects to sites that have GUIDED presentations on them (i.e. ones that have strong audio or video overviews of your product/service and your opportunity).

2) Give your prospect SPECIFIC instructions on what to focus in on when they go there. For example: “John, be sure to take the AUDIO tour once you’re on the site. It’ll give you a clear idea of my business, my product, how we make our money and what’s involved”.

3) If you’re really serious, build your own website with good quality content that will make it easier for your prospects to make a decision.

Me personally, I don’t even start off presenting my business. I invite someone to look at the industry first. The reason for this is that most the objections you’ll hear are about the industry. A prospect doesn’t say, “No, I’m not joining your company, because I don’t like that company.” They don’t join, because most often they have objections to an industry. Most have heard of it, but only a handful fully knows what it is. They might have their concept and ideas of what it is, but most of their knowledge is incomplete. So I try to remove the confusion. I say “confusion” instead of “objections,” because what you hear as objections are actually points of confusion or just things that your prospect doesn’t yet understand. These points of confusion need to be cleared up before I move on with a prospect.  

While sites that DO have Audio or Video are your best bets, you can apply the above principles to virtually any web site by directing your prospect where to go and EXACTLY what to look for when they’re there. Even better, walk them over to your site by phone and guide them to the specific areas they need to see.


No matter what you send (or send them to), book a follow-up appointment with them!

This is a critical step that will greatly improve your results.

I usually say something like this:

“John, I’m going to give you access to some information that’ll give you a clear and complete look at my business, product, how we make our money and exactly what’s involved. Here’s my site, while you’re there, make it a point to watch the video overview. I’m going to be tied up for about 30 min so I’ll call you back in a half an hour and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have at that time and we’ll see if this is a “good fit” for you. Enjoy the information.”

If you’ve done everything above and you’re still having a lot of prospects disappear, then you might want to look at how you’re qualifying your prospects. Most likely, you’re sending people to your site that you should’ve disqualified instead.

Next time, we’ll explore ways to develop strong prospects LOCALLY… whether you’re living in London or Boise.


What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below.


If you haven’t read the prior posts on recruiting, click here .


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  1. Great page – I typically don’t follow links on pages, but I did with yours. The links make sense and the page flows nicely. Your tips are great – it makes me want to beef up my page about Wealthy Affiliate more. Also, I love the tabs (FB,G+,etc) on the side of the webpage instead of the top.Very professional looking!

  2. How I wish this post and the other posts on your site had been available to me during my time in the Network Marketing industry.

    I think I would have progressed much more rapidly had I had the benefit of your understanding.

    Now that I’m retired I have moved into on-line affiliate marketing and I’m sure there will be helpful posts on your site that I will be able to benefit from.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. A lot of the things I learned in mlm, are also helping in my online business. Business is business I guess.

  3. Hi Andy,
    Yes it has happened to me. Reading this post about Recruiting Mindset #5 How to Keep Your Prospects From Disappearing When You Send Them to Your Website brings back many memories of when I worked in MLM. I actually shudder at the thought. It seems that I was losing as quickly as I could sign them up no matter how much time and energy I devoted. I was a hand holder recruiter working with people who lacked drive and motivation.

    I prefer calling myself a marketer as opposed to recruiter. I prefer affiliate marketing as I don’t have to try to convince anyone to visit my site. They either want to or they don’t and I think that’s fine.

    Nice series – I enjoyed reading it.
    Wishing you all the best.

    1. I don’t know Angela. Are you not trying to convince them to visit your website through your marketing? You have to get them there somehow.

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