Recruiting Mindset #4: The Power Of “Reason Why”

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The Power of "Reason Why"


What are you looking for when interviewing prospects for your business?  

Are you looking for the ones who say they are “interested” or for the ones willing to listen to what you have to say?  

If you are, stop! Instead, look for people with a strong “reason why”.  

Let me explain.  

People who are “interested” are a dime a dozen. You can stand in front of your grocery store and ask people if they’d be interested in making an extra $1000 a month and find “prospects” all day long, but they’re not who you’re looking for.”


You ARE looking for people with a defined REASON WHY.

You’re looking for people who are committed to changing their lifestyle and willing to do what it takes to accomplish that.  

Example: David earns $80k a year in his corporate job. But that income comes at a high price. Long hours, overtime etc. causes Steve to work 60 hours a week or more. He has very little time to spend with his family and is under constant stress. Steve wants a change and is investigating business opportunities. His commitment to change his lifestyle makes Steve an excellent prospect.  

Here’s Another example: Chris & Dawn earn $75k a year. Dawn is a contract employee. Her current contract is ending in 9 months and will not be renewed. When that happens, they’ll lose Dawn’s $30k a year income. They’re seeking a solid business opportunity with the potential of replacing Dawn’s income. Once again, solid prospects because they have a strong “reason why” that’s driving them.  

When interviewing prospects, it’s important that you get to their “reason why”. If they don’t have one, disqualify them and move on. If they do, find out how committed they are to reaching their goals.


People with solid reasons will not quit and will expend the energy and persistence needed to achieve success.

Also, take notes and WRITE DOWN their reason why. This is powerful information to have that can make all the difference later on.  

If your prospect is hesitating and not “pulling the trigger” after reviewing all your information, simply go back to their “reason why.” WHY they were looking for an opportunity in the first place.  

I usually say something like: “You know Chris, given your desire to – – – – -, I don’t think you can afford to let this opportunity pass you by. Why don’t we go ahead and get your started.  

Prospects have a VERY difficult time saying no when confronted with their own reason for doing something in the first place.  

It puts the focus back on “them” where it should be. Ultimately, it is about them, and not about you or me. Our life will go on and be just fine whether they join or not, but they will be missing out on an opportunity that could have a profound impact on their lifestyle.  

If their “reason why” is strong enough, they can’t afford to miss out.  

Remember what I said a few mindsets ago… you have the cookie!  

Next time, we’ll talk about why prospects often “disappear” when sent to websites and the EASY fix that can make your results soar!  

What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below.

If you haven’t read the prior posts on recruiting,
click here .


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This article has 10 Comments

  1. I like this.
    Everybody would say heck yes to wanting more money, but not all of them will be motivated enough for it. The majority of people like handouts, not actually working towards the future. To get them into the right mindset, knowing why they want this new income is a big deal.

  2. Hi Andy,

    This is a realistic approach to go into the minds of your targeted niche. In order to not to be pushy with our promotion, it’s crucial that we understand why they are coming online to look for something.

    I used to crack my head thinking about this, but luckily having a keyword tool like Jaaxy and Google Search help me to brainstorm for ideas. It’s quite interesting to see what people actually type on the internet to look for solution.

  3. This actually is solid reasoning for approaching potential prospects and I agree that the people who want to make a change in their life must be willing to do what it takes, and finding those people is quite a challenge but I believe that the laws of attraction plays a role here too , I am curious to know how well this philosophy has been working for you?

    1. It has worked well for me Mijo. It does take a little longer to find them, but the end result is worth the wait. I’d rather have a few that will take what they learn and go with it, then a bunch that need their hands held the entire time. It takes less work and get better results.

  4. That’s a really cool way of looking at prospects. People who have a strong reason why they want change are far more likely to do something about it.

    People who are just curious are more than likely happy with their current situation and only looking to see what else is out there.

    Thanks for this info.

  5. I absolutely love your post, of course you need a reason why! I haven’t thought of that. It’s like in any business when they ask you for your ‘Why’ and you write it down. Your ‘Why’ is what motivates you!

    I loved when you said ‘You’re looking for people who are committed to changing their lifestyle and willing to do what it takes to accomplish that.’ It is a complete lifestyle change!

    Great post!

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