Recruiting Mindset #2: How To Make Your Prospects “Reach For The Cookie”

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“You have the cookie. Make your prospects reach for it”

Mmmm! freshly baked cookies. What kid can resist?Make Your Prospects “Reach For The Cookie”

Growing up, the smell of cookies drove me nuts! My mom baked awesome chocolate chip cookies. It drove us nuts having to wait to get our hands on them, but once it was time, we were all over them. She eventually had to hide them or else they were gone before dad had a chance to get one.

But try handing a cookie to an adult and what happens?

Sometimes, they hesitate.


Adults tend to “over think” or “over analyze”. We say things like “do I really need the extra calories” or “not before dinner” or “I just brushed my teeth”.


Now think of this

You’re at a friend’s house. After dinner, they bring out some freshly baked cookies and offer you one. You hesitate and say, “I really shouldn’t”. Your friend smiles at you and  says, “I’m sure you’re right” and slowly begins pulling the cookies back and adds with a grin, “I bet you wouldn’t like these fresh from the oven, chewy hot morsels and a cool, tall glass of milk anyway”.

What happens after that?

Most likely, you reach for them!

As humans, we instinctively hate missing out on things, don’t we? We want what we can’t have. It’s human nature.


This applies to your online business too

The “cookie principle” can be a powerful tool.

I’ll explain.

A lot of networkers make the mistake or dragging prospects into their business. They have no idea how much this is costing them. Again, they’re broadcasting a message of desperation to their prospects. Their prospects are left thinking, “No way am I going to do this business if I have to drag people into it all the time”.

End result? Your prospects turn the other way and run!

So what should you do with a prospect who’s had plenty of time to review your opportunity but hesitates? When they tell you, “Well, I’m going to think about it”.

Simple. You take away the cookie!

What do you think will happen when you do? Yep, the right ones reach for it.


Here’s an example of the “cookie principle” in action:

You’ve qualified your prospect and given him all kinds of information on your opportunity. He’s had plenty of time to carefully review it, but when you follow up you get, “I’m going to have to think about it, I’m not sure if I have the time to do this”.

Your response? Agree with him. “You know John, you might be right. This might not be right for you”.

Whoa! Guess what, that is NOT what John was expecting you to say!

See, you just agreed with him and he was expecting an argument. This is psychologically disarming. It breaks an expected pattern of thought and causes your prospect to THINK.

When you pull the cookie away, human nature is to what? Reach for it!

Now, this is a powerful technique so a few words of warning are in order.


Don’t use this with EVERYBODY

Some prospects aren’t right for your business so the last thing you want to do is sponsor those. You’ll end up wasting a lot of your valuable time working with the wrong people.

Instead, only use this technique with prospects you’ve interviewed and who you’re convinced ARE right for your business.

How do you know if a prospect is right for your business?

I’ll give you a powerful tactic you can apply to quickly separate out the diamonds from the glass in the third installment.

What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below.


If you haven’t read the prior posts on recruiting, click here .


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This article has 12 Comments

  1. Hi Sandel
    Your post covers such a powerful technique . I remember as a kid mum use to make this cake , it was the same thing in our house as well. Thinking back it was used like a carrot on a stick . It worked along the lines of a reward system ,complete this task and you get to have cake. We always took the bait .
    True we can only go so far with a lead . Your technique is like that carrot on the stick . Simple but effective I am sure . Have you had increased conversions using it ?
    Came across this saying the other day “” FOMO “” or simply put “” fear of missing out “” . With your technique the offer is on the table , take it up or you just mite miss out . I really like the concept .

    1. Thanks for the comment Alexander. Yes I do have better conversions with it. Like you said on missing out, you either take it or leave it. We want people to buy our service or product, but I’m not going to beg you for it. If you don’t want the cookie, I’ll move on to the next person who wants it.

  2. Hey there Andy , interesting subject.The “cookie” principle , I never thought it like that.But what you do in a case you are invited in a friend’s house and the cookies offered are awful?

    I agree with your points , although the same tactic might not apply for everyone.When you show the opportunity it is enough.Then you trigger psychologically with that deny technique.Nice.

    Sometimes the chemistry between 2 people just ain’t right and they can’t work as a team no matter how hard they will try.

    Thanks for an entertaining read

    1. You’re right Tasos. I’m not saying it will work every time. No system is perfect. But you’re right. If you think you won’t be able to work with an individual, the best thing to do is walk away.

  3. Hello

    first thing is that the picture takes so long to load and this is something that I hate also it is a pretty boring pictiure not very interesting at all and to think I had to wairt a minute for it well not so good!!!
    This is the frorst thing a persin sees so has to be good right!
    I was able to post a comment and this was very good as some of the sites I visit you cannot even find wher to put comment so good job on this part –
    Would have likesd to have seen a better pic of you as you are the main person not the football field – be proud of your self and what you have done!!!
    You have lots of info and well well done with good pictures and good coverage and layout and sll clean and neat –
    Personally I prefer a static landing page as I hate scrolling down all the time but yours does waork as is.
    Overall a nice clean neat website that just needs a few improvements I think and please do not get upset with my comments as they are there to help

    best regards


  4. I want to start my online business but the technical know how in website creation is my key problem ,i have a lot of passion for having a school online which will run from kindergarten to universities but will i get a training based of this passion of mine to be success joining your affiliate.

    1. Hello Roland. I truly believe you will get the help you need with Wealthy Affiliate. If you follow their training step by step, you will have a great website.

  5. An interesting post. I thought this was going to discuss cookie files, but I am glad that I continued reading.

    My approach is to write my posts from the heart. With that people reading my site will see that I am passionate about my niche. They will then trust me more and more as my site builds with quality posts. I hope that this approach will transfer into conversions. Does this seem reasonable to you?

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