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Are you spending too much time online talking and less time listening? What do I mean by listening? Are you paying attention to what people are saying about you, your business, your services or products?

Everything people say about you online affects you and your business. Whether it’s positive or negative, it has an effect.

Monitoring and managing what others are saying about your business is part of maintaining your brand. 

This page is all about Online Reputation Management.

Check out the videos below. Come back to this page as I will be adding more videos in the future.



Online Reputation refers to the character, repute, name and standing of your business in the online media. Almost everyday, somebody somewhere on the internet is talking about your business whether it is about your employees, your brands, your services, your events or anything that relates to your business such as the latest happenings in your industry or reviews about your competitor.





What does online reputation management involve? There are a number of activities involved in managing your business’s reputation online, each of which must be part of a carefully considered marketing strategy.





One of the biggest mistakes any small business owner can make is to believe they don’t need to engage in online reputation management, just because they run a small business. Nothing could be further from the truth.





Here are three more reasons why small business owners must pay attention to their online reputation.





As a small business owner with a limited budget to spend on online reputation management, you can take advantage of free resources that will help you monitor what people are saying about your business online. Some of these resources are automated meaning that once you set them up, you don’t need to touch them again while others are more manual in nature. One free automated resource that is easy to set up is Google Alerts.





Quite naturally, a lot of small businesses don’t particularly like reviews sites and who can blame them. While customers can get an opportunity to publicly endorse and thank a business for a good job done, review sites tend to attract those who want to voice a negative experience. So while review sites need to make changes to authenticate reviews, review sites are here to stay because they provide the much needed social proof to the general public about a business’s reputation.





If you don’t think bloggers are important, just remember that their glowing review about your local business can literally catapult your business growth while a damning blog post can destroy many years of hard work you have invested in establishing community trust.





One of the most overlooked ways to monitor a business’s online reputation is in forums and groups. Before social media entered the scene, forums and groups were the dominant places where people with similar interests gathered to share information. And although social media may have overshadowed them, forums and groups are still alive and kicking.


I hope these videos are helpful. Leave your comments below. Make sure to come back. I will be adding more videos on this subject in the future.





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