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Name: Online Marketing Mastery
Website: http://www.onlinemarketingmastery.netOMM Review
Price: $67 for now

Owners: Mario Brown
Verdict:  Legit

What is Online Marketing Mastery?

Online Marketing Mastery is a video recording of a live marketing event Mario Brown held in San Diego. It features some of the biggest icons in the online marketing industry, Mario Brown, Frank Kern, Mike Filsame and several others. They reveal some of the best practices today and cover the business from all angles. They cover things like traffic conversion, Facebook marketing, membership sites, coaching, product creation, list building and more.


Who is Online Marketing Mastery For?

According to the program, it’s recommended for:

  • The beginner who believes there is a way to make money online, but can’t figure it out
  • Anyone who has been at this “make money online” game for a while, but hasn’t made any
  • The entrepreneur who can see the big picture. The internet has enormous scale.

Online Marketing Mastery is real training for the person running or starting a real business. If you’re not willing to go all in, then this is probably not for you. That’s why even though it targets beginners, this might be too overwhelming. I’ll explain further in my final opinion below.


Why you should get Online Marketing Mastery? 

  • OMM focuses on keeping things simple & on getting you fast results.
  • This training teaches everything Mario is doing to generate revenue every single day.
  • It’s 100% Exclusive.
  • It was created behind closed doors. Participants paid $997.
  • It hasn’t been offered to the public before and it might be gone again!
  • Insane Savings.

OMM ReviewTools & Training

Even though the overall theme of OMM about making money online, specifically with internet marketing, the training is quite comprehensive.

These are the kinds of things that OMM explains:

  • Build a website from scratch that can be used for almost any business imaginable to capture valuable leads worth real money.
  • Build a passive revenue generating Ad Sense model site you can put on auto-pilot to collect income month after month.
  • Experience passive income with affiliate sites that will make sales on auto-pilot because you have the secret to getting traffic and visitors.
  • Gain a complete understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and remove all the mystery out of what Google and other search engines are looking for.
  • Set up your websites, pages and posts correctly to maximize your exposure to the search engines, also known as On Page SEO.
  • Perform high impact Off Page SEO. You will learn the absolute best, fastest and most effective way to highly rank almost any website you want, turning those rankings into profits.
  • Build a 100% Private Blog Network. This will become the catalyst for your future earning potential. You can leverage a functional private blog network into infinite amounts of money, limited only by your imagination.
  • Hide your valuable website properties from your competition and keep them guessing how you do what you do.
  • Get small businesses to each pay you hundreds of dollars per month to rent space on your private network.
  • Get a head start when launching a brand new website. This method will allow you to capture traffic and visitors faster than ever before.
  • Buy a web property for $100 and turn it into a $1,200 annual income stream, over and over and over again…
  • and so much more….

It’s a top tier training that explains how to make the things you probably already know actually work. Best of all it’s thought by some of the best in the business.


What Do You Get By JoiningOMM Review

  • Over 30 lectures and 8.5 hours of content!
  • Learn the fundamentals of internet marketing and make money.
  • Learn the basics technical skills required to achieve financial success.
  • Learn several ways to make substantial profit from simple websites and web properties.
  • Be able to apply the knowledge in this course to create your own profitable business models.


Final Opinion

[review_bank review_id=3]

Verdict:  Legit


Is Online Marketing Mastery A Good Product? Yes it is. It’s a great product. OMM promises a lot and gives you a lot. Who wouldn’t want to learn from some of the best in the business?

That’s why I say it’s legit. It’s full of great material.


It might be overwhelming for most. If you already have an online business, know some of what they’re talking about and you want to improve on it, great! This is great for you. But if you’re a beginner, learning for the first time, you’re going to be overwhelmed. There’s no one you can turn to when you don’t understand something and need some advice. If you’re trying to build your website while following the training, there’s no one to turn to when you need something fixed because you didn’t do it right. There’s no one you can get answers from.

What I’m saying is, there’s no one you can turn to for help!

You’re not going to be able to just contact Frank Kern or Mike Filsaime and ask them to explain something again and walk you through something you don’t understand. It’s not going to happen.

If you’re just getting started or are struggling to make money on line, I have a better solution, my 1 recommended source


Should you have any comments about this product or its creator in general, feel free to leave it below.


Turn Any Passion Into A Thriving Online Business

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  2. Build a website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Earn money

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  1. Hi ,
    Nice review on OMM. I don’t like the idea that this is not for beginners as it leads you on to thinking the cash flow is simple and easy with the training . However there is no support or any guidance as far as that is concern. For experienced online folks it may be very good but the advertising does not state that .

    I am really, and I mean really bias when it comes to building a website . I have to give all my dedication to Wealthy Affiliate… Kyle and Carson are Johnny on the spot when it comes to WA. So i am truly bias. This i know, understand, and accept .

    Nice layout of your site and well presented . Thanks for the review . Good luck in the future .

    1. Thanks for the feedback Brenda. I agree with you. OMM has a lot of good training, but like Kyle said, show instead of tell. They tell you how it’s all done instead of showing you. For a seasoned marketer that’s great, but for a newbie, it might get confusing.

  2. Hello there Andy , interesting review.It sounds like a comprehensive marketing training.

    I want to stay at the personal blog network feature.Is this technique best for advanced websites that generate a lot of traffic?…is this a co-operation with other webmasters or bloggers?

    And another promising point seems the one that says to hide web properties from the competition.What exactly is that?

    Too bad they do not offer additional help and support.And least it is a legitimate product.I will definitely check it out , waiting for your respond.

  3. Online Mastery, never heard of this website, however your page has been very insightful and informative. I did not know so many different affiliate/marketing and training resources existed, I thought I had just about extinguished all my avenues, however intend to look into this one and see, what it is all about

    Maybe I can find something that I have yet to learn and gain more avenues to continue my business growth.

    Thanks you,

    Zach Campbell
    Market Merchant (MM+)

  4. Nice review, i like it. It is well explained, you keep the thing simple, and explain this clearly. My first impression is that it is an honest review, because you don’t seem to over rate the product. I totally love the layout of your site by the way ! Thank you for your review, keep up the good work !

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