Need More Engagement on Facebook? 5 Types of Posts That Will Get You There

Engagement is critical!Get More Engagement

Having 100,000 fans on your page doesn’t matter if nobody is engaging with your posts!

The more engagement, the more your posts stay on top in their newsfeeds…

The more you stay on top in the newsfeeds, the more viral your posts go…

The more viral your posts, the more EXPOSURE you get.

And the more exposure you get, it will lead to more traffic, leads, and sales… all completely FREE, from Facebook, because of increased engagement on your posts!


Get More Engagement on FaceBook with Your Status Updates

  • Pictures:  When used with your status updates, images can say a thousand words. Even using pictures of yourself can get more engagement. Pictures of you performing some type of action tell a better story. Some good examples are pictures having to do with your product, opportunity or service, talking on the telephone, working on your laptop, etc…. Be sure to add a picture with every status update.
  • Videos: To me the best type of content to promote social media. Using videos in your updates usually get higher levels of engagement, likes, shares and comments. You can use all kinds of videos for this.
  • Fill In The Blank: Engage with people by letting them share their perspective. Asking questions or having them fill in the blank are good examples. Something like, “When I make my first six figures in business, I will __________”.
  • Adding Quotes: For some reason, people like seeing quotes, but take it a step further. When using a quote in your status update, add your thoughts about it a couple of spaces down to get the conversation going. This will help with getting more exposure.
  • Value Updates: Share best practices updates. Share updates on how to generate leads and sales, on website design, email marketing, etc. Sharing how to updates that people find helpful. When you share great tips, it increases your engagement.


There are all kinds of post that will help to increase your exposure, which lead to getting more leads and sales. The main thing is to be consistent with your activity on Facebook.


What are your thoughts? Leave your comment below.


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