“Do You Actually Need A List?”

“Can’t you just build your social media following and call it good?”

To answer this, take a look at a quote from Derek Halpern of Social Triggers:

“I’ve got two numbers for you: 300 and 4200. A few months ago when I updated my Twitter account and I sent a link to my Twitter followers, I sent about 300 clicks to my website.

“But when I shared that same link to a similar amount of email subscribers, I sent 4200 clicks to my website.

“Now I know you can’t spend clicks, but those clicks are people. The more people you get to your website, the more money you can make.”

With social media, you are competing with ‘fun.’

Somehow, your well-researched 2,000-word article on traffic generation strategies might not garner as much attention as the latest cat meme.

There is far more competition on social media.

How many emails does a person receive in a day, 50? 100? Maybe 200 at most?

How many tweets does a person receive in a day? Thousands?

So where is it easier to stand out, in a Twitter stream or in the inbox?

And yes, the same goes for Facebook.

85% of people who use the internet use email.

62% of them use social networking sites.

And if you think those numbers are close, think again. That means that 62% of internet users are on one or more social sites.

If you want to have a chance to capture the eyeballs of all 62%, you will need to be active on every single social networking site.


Or you could simply build your email list.

The average click-through rate on Twitter rarely tops 1.64%. If you don’t pay to reach fans you’ve already earned on Facebook, the numbers are even worse.

But email open rates hover around 20% for many industries, and can go up as high as 50% and occasionally beyond.

Click through rates vary greatly, but 30% is perfectly normal for a well written, well-targeted email.

Compared to 1.64%, 30% or even a lousy 10% on a terrible email is still a wet dream for most marketers.

According to data from Litmus, email conversion rates are 4.16% across industries.

Search gets a respectable 2.64% conversion.

But social media strikes out at just 0.48%.

“But wait! Can’t I reach people through social media who aren’t on my lists? People I would never reach otherwise?”

Yes, of course. Which is why the ONE thing you should be doing on social media is ,of course, BUILDING YOUR LIST.

Because until you capture their email address, people will come and go in the blink of an eye.

Email is private. Sure, people share photos from last Friday’s party on social media, along with the latest cute thing their kid said and the funny meme that everyone has seen 20 times now.

What they don’t share is private stuff.

Are they looking for a program to help them lose weight, make money or find the love of their life?

If so, do you think they want this to be public? No.

In their email, they’re receptive, in social media they’re not.

Email is the place to be if you’re selling anything other than silly t-shirts and funny coffee mugs.

And it’s the place to be if you want to earn serious income month in and month out.


Which is why we’re going in depth on list building.

First, we’ll cover maximizing the subscribers you get from your own website.

–>> Have A Website? Good! Now Let’s Maximize The Subscribers You Get


Next, we’ll touch on hub pages, easy to build pages that search engines love. You’ll get free traffic and targeted subscribers with these pages.

–>> Create Simple Hub Pages to Get Free Google Traffic


Then we’ll cover how to use every piece of your content to get more subscribers onto your lists.

–>> How to Use Content and Features to Increase Subscriptions Even More


And give you 15 tips on how to turn your new subscribers into buyers.

–>> You’ve Got Subscribers – NOW WHAT???


And last of all, we’ll give you a down and dirty super fast method of list building in the internet marketing niche or any niche for that matter.

–>> Down and Dirty Super Fast Method of List Building and Monetization in IM


When you’re done reading the above pages, come back and check out the videos below.

Listen to Omar Marting From My Unfair Advantage as he covers how to do better email marketing , understanding customers patterns of buying and how to keep monetizing your list.

Better Email Marketing

In this video, we’re going to be talking about better email marketing. I know that emails are something that’s kind of trivial, right? When somebody says to you “do you know how to send an email properly?”, you’re kind of “like duh, yeah, of course, I know how to send an email. Pick who you want to send it to, type up the email, and you click send”. Well, there are some ways to do it better, believe it or not, so that the email actually performs better. Check it out!


Pattern Interrupt Marketing

Pattern Interrupt is basically exactly what it implies. It’s something that you do in the process of your marketing where you interrupt the patterns that your prospect typically exhibits. Doesn’t make sense? Watch this video.


Backend Boosting Secrets

We want to cover the things that make us money after the sales funnel. After the customer’s gone through the purchase process, after the point of sale, there are a lot of opportunities for you to make money. As a matter of fact, we make more money by selling people in the backend of the website than we do in the frontend of the website. Check it out!


I hope these videos were helpful to you.  Take some time and check out the other training available to you. I will be adding more regularly.


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