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There is tons of information available nowadays showing you how to run a successful business online.


But What’s the Challenge?

The challenge is figuring out all that information and using it appropriately to optimize and grow a successful business.

You might have dreams about making it on the internet.

You might have goals on how to get there, but 80% of your time is spent on things that have no link whatsoever
with your objectives.


If you don’t focus on what is needed to achieve your goals, how can you get there?


From my experience, I have found three things to be true about people who find success on the internet:

  1. They Have People Available to Help Them
    When they get stuck, they have someone they can turn to for help.
  2. They Have Their Own Website
    There is no way you are going to make it without one. Enough said.
  3. They’re Always Learning and Practicing What They Learn
    Athletes just don’t go out and play right? They practice first. Why should that be any different for online success?

In our lives we have the opportunity to do it the hard way


learn from what the experts do, and then do it better


If you are looking for a very hands-on approach to building your business from the ground up, then I’ve found such a place. That place is…….


Wealthy Affiliate


A place that provides the three things I just talked about.

  1. People Available to Help You
    I call it the entrepreneur’s social hangout. If you ever get stuck, there’s a whole community, and I mean thousands, of people there to help you. All you have to do is just ask. There are live chats, topical discussions and posts on any subject.
  2. Your Own Website
    Or may I say websites. Yes, websites. They are ready to go and ready to make money.
  3. Always Learning and Practicing What You Learn
    When I say hands-on, I mean hands-on. You’ll learn step by step how to build your business from the ground up. If you already have a business, you’ll learn how to make it better. You’ll find videos, tutorials, courses and classrooms available to you. There’s no theory here people! You’ll learn proven methods, because everyone is doing it on a daily basis.

As you continue on your journey, you will face real challenges that may deter you from achieving your biggest goals. The tactics you learn at Wealthy Affiliate will keep you on track and help you reach your goals in record time.


What’s the best part about all this?

It doesn’t cost you a thing to find out!!

It’s Free!!


I can go on and on all day, but I won’t. Click on the image below and get over to Wealthy Affiliate and check it out for yourself. You will not regret it.



If you have any questions about Getting Started online, I want to help!  Just leave them below or get a hold of me inside Wealthy Affiliate (profile link).






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  1. Hey,

    Great info and you’re absolutely right as well! The Wealthy Affiliate platform is the best thing I ever joined. I got fed up chasing Get Rich Quick Schemes and decided to do it properly. Wealthy Affiliate is truly helping me to get wealthy over time. Who needs get rich quick scams!

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