Choosing the Perfect Niche to Conquer

What Makes a Great Niche?Finding Your Niche

The biggest and most popular niches are, on the whole, fitness, making money and dating. So what is it that makes these three topics such great niches?

Well, can you see what all three of them have in common? All three are on topics that have a universal appeal and that literally everyone can enjoy. All of us have relationships, most of us want more money and most of us want to be fitter. Thus by choosing these topics, you ensure that your target audience is not at all going to be a limiting factor. What’s more, you give yourself lots to write about and you give yourself easy ways to motivate your audience – by telling them how you can improve their lives with more money or better sex.

That’s what makes these three such great niches. But there is also something that makes all three sub-par. What’s that? It’s the fact that they all have a huge amount of competition and are arguably overcrowded. That is to say that if you create a blog on fitness, dating or making money, you’ll be going up against thousands of other established blogs and websites and it will be rather difficult to stand out.

So in the perfect world, you’d be able to find a niche with a big audience and a broad, very strong appeal, but that didn’t yet have much competition. This is actually what the term ‘niche’ means in a business sense: it means a gap in the market that you can exploit.

As we mentioned, the niche that you select is also going to have a broad impact on the details of your business and of your website. One way that this is true is in the way it impacts on your demographic – some niches will have loyal audiences with lots of disposable income and that’s also what you ideally want.


But the most important factor of all for your niche?

That would be that it appeals to you and that you find it interesting. When you choose your niche, you will effectively be sealing your fate in regards to the type of content you’ll be researching and writing about on a daily basis. If you don’t find your topic interesting, then this means you’re going to be forced to write large amounts on a subject you find dull. This means your day-to-day life is quickly going to become very dull and you’ll be far more likely to just give up if you don’t see immediate success. What’s more, choosing a topic you enjoy means you’ll be able to come up with new subjects and that your enthusiasm will likely come across in your writing.


The Niches You Hadn’t Thought Of

To recap then, the main criteria for your niche choice are as follows:

• Large audience and broad appeal
• Low amount of competition
• Dedicated audience with disposable income
• A topic that you find interesting

Too many people though will focus only on the first factor here and will thus aim to create a site in one of the biggest niches, regardless of where their own interests lie and without thinking about how they’re going to stand out against the competition. The result is that they make a website in an overcrowded niche that can’t compete with the major players and no one takes any notice. Four months later, they get bored and give up.

But you might have noticed a small problem here… No niche that meets all these criteria is likely to exist! If there was one subject that was fascinating, that had a very loyal fan base and that appealed to everyone – everyone
would already be writing on it and it would be too saturated.


So what do you do instead?Finding Your Niche

Simple: you start thinking outside of the box and come up with a niche idea that maybe wasn’t the first to spring to mind. And to do that you will likely sidestep the obvious by putting your own spin on an already-popular topic. Alternatively, you can get more specific or you can get more broad and find your niche that way.

So one way you might do this is to take a niche that is popular but perhaps over-saturated and then hone in on a specific segment of your audience. Take fitness for instance, you could target this at a number of very specific groups including:

• The over 50s
• Teenagers
• Students
• Entrepreneurs
• Stay-at-home Mums and Dads
• Nerds
• Diabetics
• And more!

Many of these have already been done successful – for instance ‘Nerd Fitness’ is one of the most popular blogs out there.

Alternatively, you can hone in on a specific aspect of fitness or on a specific area of interest. So for instance, this might mean focusing on:

• Running
• High Intensity Interval Training
• CrossFit
• Power lifting
• Power building
• Bodybuilding
• Marathon Training

These all have the same broad appeal as fitness and the same attractiveness but they have the advantage of being more targeted allowing you to use more precise marketing methods. You could even go more specific than this: how about a website focusing entirely on getting bigger calves? This is a bugbear for many athletes and lifters and an eBook on the subject would nicely target a very specific problem (a big advantage from a marketing/sales point of view).


Going With What You KnowFinding Your Niche

Another way to identify a niche that you can operate in is to focus on what you’re really good at or what you know a lot about. Normally this will mean choosing a hobby or interest – but what if you don’t have a particular hobby or interest that has enough demand?

Then consider what else you know and can write about. Hopefully, you’re starting to realize by now that not every niche has to be a ‘traditional’ niche in the usual sense. Smaller niches actually have a lot going for them and especially if you find ways to broaden their appeal.

So if you’re not a fitness guru, you can just as easily create a fan site for instance which will give you access to a massively committed community. One of the best types of fan site of all? Sports teams! People go crazy for their favorite sports team so you can get some loyal followers by providing content on the team they love.

Another option is to think about your career. What content could you deliver for other people who do your job?

And if you don’t already know enough about any topic, then how about creating a site where you learn along with your audience?

I have provided a video series on this topic in the Training section. Check it out.

What are your thoughts? Leave your questions or comments below.


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  1. Hi there Sandel,

    When I first started affiliate marketing, everyone said that it was best to blog what you know best. I spend long days at work and having to write articles about it at night and over the weekend make me feel like I am bringing my work back home. It gets very overwhelming.

    So instead, I choose a niche that sparks my curiosity and makes me want to know more. It gives me a reason to do research and the learning outcome is surprisingly rewarding. It’s refreshing that I can develop passion in an entirely new niche that’s not related to my work.

    Things may not look profitable just yet, but as long as I continue to learn, I think it’s a niche that I can conquer eventually.

  2. I wish I had seen this post before I started my site. I had such trouble understanding how to choose a niche. I did finally pick one though.

    Very well written post, lots of detail and some useful tips which I know will help lots of new comers to affiliate marketing out.

    Thanks very much for the interesting read.

  3. Wow, your site looks very professional, and I honestly can’t find anything significant that needs to be done to it! You have a good usage of advertisements, and it is visually attractive. Some pages do have a lot of writing, but since there is a lot of information that comes along with Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t think that much can be done to fix that. Have you considered breaking up the information with more pictures or into more categories? Again, it looks great, so keep up the good work 🙂

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