Boost Your SEO With Videos

The No. 1 priority of SEO experts and specialists is to ensure that a website lands in Google’s first page listing. Search Engine Optimization or SEO (as it is better known) is all about getting the best search engine rankings. SEO is any activity that boosts the visibility of a website in search engines like Google or Yahoo. The more frequently a website appears on the 1st page of a Google or Yahoo search, the more people will visit that website. This is what companies pay for and need in selling their products online.


SEO often looks into what people search for on the internet.

Boost Your SEO With Videos

It analyzes the keywords and terms people use in search engines. SEO however is not limited to text. It also includes images and videos. Google is the top search engine in the world. For Google to display a website’s link in search results, the website must be relevant to users. It must have content that people share, use and link in other websites, blogs and social media platforms. It basically boils down to having quality content.


So, how can videos contribute to a website’s content and impact SEO results?

  1. Videos improve SERP. SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. It lists down all the websites and links related to a keyword query. Since there are so many websites and links to choose from on the internet, how do you get your company noticed by users? A study done by Forrester in 2009 says that “pages with video are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results.” While this study was conducted 6 years ago, it is still applicable today. This means that websites which provide useful and relevant information have a better chance of standing out and gaining more visitors. Video content can do this more effectively than words can. Good explainer videos can answer user questions comprehensively in less time.
  1. Videos have higher CTR. CTR is short for click through rate. An aimClear study shows that search results with video have a “41% higher click-through rate than plain text.” This means that people are more likely to click and watch videos that read texts. While this is great for companies who use videos for marketing, placing the videos in the right platform is also important. YouTube may not necessarily be the best choice, although it is the most popular video hosting site and has broadest reach. Instead of putting your video on YouTube, just embed it in your own website. This is more beneficial and has a bigger potential to convert viewers into customers.
  1. Videos entice visitors to stay longer. People have short attention spans online. After briefly viewing a webpage, they leave right away if they are not engaged. This is called bounce rate. Having a high bounce rate is not good for a website since it may lower its SERP ranking. It also does not achieve sales. Having videos on the website can prevent this. Compelling videos pull in viewers and make them stay on the site longer. A great video can also convince viewers to buy your products online.

As I said before, good quality content is key to getting ranked high in the search engines. Videos can play a major part in that.


What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below.


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  1. Hi Andy! That was an excellent article that I just read in which you discussed the meaning of SEO regarding website rankings. You also went into the fact that incorporating videos on a page would help insure that the website achieves even higher rankings as opposed to others competing and with the same keywords/phrases.

    Great job on your part, sir in composing this article. I also love the design and layout of your site. After seeing a recent website a few days ago in which I was blinded and immediately turned off by all of the unnecessary glitzy bells and whistles added to this owner’s page, (accompanied by the fact that his actual content was poor and offered little of value) – indeed it was a pleasure viewing your website as you stick to the main principles taught here at WA. Content is really key. Not hundreds of ad banners, distracting images, and so on!


    1. Thanks for the feedback Jeff. Videos seem to be the “it” thing today and we need to keep up with what’s working now. Tomorrrow will bring something new.

  2. Hi Andy,
    It seems that everywhere I turn on the internet, I seeing articles on how to Boost Your SEO With Videos.

    This is a good thing because I feel that what you’ve written about in your article makes a good argument for using video to get better ranking with search engines like Google.

    It also is true that people have short attention spans and will click on videos rather than read a post. The bounce thing is a big issue for some of us.

    I am definitely considering doing some video although I’ve not done it before. But. there is always a first time and I’ve done other things working online I never did before.

    Thanking for sharing. Good article.

    1. That’s true Angela. You have to try new things at times, especially if it will help grow your business. Plus, we need to keep up with what’s working now.

  3. Great article men! Actually I am still on my 3rd month of building my website, and I always track whether on what page am I landing on. I have several pages in the first page of google however, it doesn’t go up into the first 5 spots where people clicks most of the time. So do I need to make a video of my own or can I just use videos of others in youtube?

    1. You can do both as long as it’s useful and goes with what your’re trying to communicate. As for your pages, most would love to just be on the first page lol. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hey there Andy! You have a really great site here. It goes into great detail on the subject, and should really help others out. I’m new to this whole thing, and its nice to have others willing to help you out. I wish you the best of luck on your journey!

  5. Videos are key I always find myself watching a video more than viewing content. But there are certain things I rather read about because simply I enjoy reading. It usually starts with me reading about something than following up with a video for more information just to get a visual. Its never the other way around. It is something that I am starting to do as well.

  6. this is actually very useful information, at least for me, Im always looking for new tactics on how I can better my exposure and do more!!
    Do you think that making the same ideo and blog post are a good idea? Or maybe sperating the two and just using your videos when you are blogging? Or do other people’s videos work well too?

    Matt TheDopestMatrix
    look me up

    1. Either way will work. There’s nothing wrong with using someone else’s video as long as it goes with what you’re communicating.

  7. Videos do have an edge over your normal articles type content. For most of the searches that you make on google, you will find a lot of Youtube videos ranking on the first page.

    Do you think it is important to have a Youtube video with the same keyword for which you are targeting embedded on your article?

  8. I do see how videos can have high positive impacts on both websites and in the search engines 🙂

    Thanks ever so much for sharing the tips. As a website owner myself, I really do need to add more videos to my content, and your article will be a big help to me.


  9. Making videos has always sounded like a lot of work to me. I not only have to have something compelling to speak about, I also need to present myself in the appropriate way. Though I feel videos can be a great marketing tool, i’m someone that would rather skim the article the watch frame by frame so maybe i’m drawing from my own personal preferences when it comes to different seo strategies. I may have to try it once or twice in the future!

    1. Making videos is a lot easier than you think nowadays. There are a lot of tools available out there to help you with this. Some are free but the better ones cost money, of course. Do some research and you’ll be surprised. If nothing else, you can outsource it. Fiverr is a great for that.

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