Balancing Act: Your Work From Home Life And Your Personal Home Life

Are you like me?

I wear 4 hats: Balance Home Life From Work Life

  1. I run an online business from home. I currently have 2 websites and working on 2 others. 
  2. I’m a husband and have a home to care for and manage. 
  3. I’m a father of 3. Even though they’re grown, a parent’s job is never done. 
  4. I’m a grandfather to 3 beautiful girls, two of which my wife and I have guardianship of. 


You may or may not be in the same situation I’m in, but it might be similar. In today’s internet age, thousands of people are running successful businesses from the comfort of their homes. But it’s not always easy. You need to balance your business life from your home life.  

Keep reading and maybe some of the tips below, using me as an example, will help you do just that.

Tips For Making It Work At Home

  • Block it off/Set your schedule. Spending more time with my family was one of the main reasons I started my online journey, but having kids running around the house makes it hard for anyone to get anything accomplished. That’s where having a schedule comes in. I have my weekly schedule set out, do the same tasks each day and know how long each task should take. I’m up every morning at 6, grab my cup of coffee and get to work. Knowing the babies get up between 9 and 10, that gives me 3 to 4 hours to get some work done. I take an hour or two to get them fed, dressed and get Disney Jr going, then I’m off to work again till noon or 1, putting in a good 6 hours of work in. My afternoons and evenings are family time with my wife and babies. On his days off, my son takes care of them or my daughter might take them for a play date. Those days I can get more accomplished. Some days I might stay up late to finish anything missed during the day. So what I’m getting at is to figure out how much time you need, find it, and schedule it.
  • If you can automate it, do it. With all the new technology out there, there are companies that help you automate a lot of your daily tasks. Time for some self-advertising here. If you’ve read the About Me page, you know I’m a Social Media Manager, meaning people or companies hire me to run all their social media or some pay me a monthly fee to use my software. You can go to my site, SanDel Marketing, and see for yourself. Every Monday morning, using my software, I go into their dashboard and schedule all their social media posts for the upcoming week. The rest of the week I’m simply responding to any comments to those posts.
  • Turn Off Push Notifications. Your smartphone is a great tool for running your business. You literally have all you need in the palm of your hands. But it can also make you miserable if you let it. I thought turning on push notifications was great at first. I can see who’s sending me stuff so I can respond and take care of things on the go. Eventually I found myself continuously going in and out of email, apps, social sites, on and on and it drove me crazy. When you’re out and about, meeting with people or spending time with your family, it can get annoying. It was hard at first, but I just turned it off. Now I set aside about 15 minutes a couple times a day to sit down and reply to them.
  • Stay Organized. A clean and organized workplace will go a long way in helping you complete your daily tasks. Whether it’s your dining room table or an actual office, keep it clean. Paper and information will eventually accumulate, so have a system to handle all of that. I usually start my day at the dining room table, but eventually move to my bedroom where I have a small desk and filing cabinet to finish the rest of my day.
  • Take Breaks. Just like a regular job, you’re putting in long hours. It’s very important to take breaks. Take time to recuperate and give your mind a break. It doesn’t have to be a long break. Five to ten minutes will do. When I’m at my desk, I hear the taps on the door and the babies calling for “pop pop”. I take the time to refill my drink and give hugs and kisses.
  • Stay motivated. It’s common to get burned out. It happens to all of us. When that happens, you lose motivation. I won’t get into to may details here. I’ll direct you to a previous post I did on this subject, Are You Motivated? Balance Home Life From Work Life

There you have it, just a few tips I came up with. I’m not saying everything works out perfectly. There are going to be days when things come up, doctor appointments, meeting with clients, calls from the school or even dirty dishes that need deal with. When those things happen, you might have to do some readjusting. 

Do you have any other tips to share? Feel free to comment below.


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This article has 6 Comments

  1. You make some good points here. I do not put in as many hours as you do, I put in about 4 sometimes 5 hours per day working on my site. I have a cooking site that has been fun to do the my grand kids and the kids in the neighborhood. I also have adult classes. I was in the food industry for a long time and I am using the things I learned from years of experience.
    You are right that with a home business keeping a schedule, that everyone is aware of, is essential so you will not be disturbed, by well wishing friends and family, and you know when it is time to quit and join the rest of life.
    I must stay organized or I get distracted or spend time searching for things. Everything must be put in the correct spot or I loose to much time. This was a hard one for me to keep to.
    Your site is interesting. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Laurie. Setting a schedule was the thing that got me on track. When I first got started I would do whatever and found myself working all day. The last thing I do for the day is write out my tasks for the next day and stick to it. I’m not saying I’m perfect, I catch myself getting off course sometimes, but then get back on track.

  2. Even when family is very important to you, it can sadly be easy to lose track of your time and spend more on work while forgetting about your family. I’ve fallen victim to this myself although my family is important to me. Scheduling time for family and other fun things helps you maintain a balance.

    All of the tips you listed, especially the one about organization are important. One organization tip I learned about recently that may be helpful for others reading this is if you can do it in a minute or less, do it immediately. It only takes a few seconds to put an item back in its proper place. This has helped me so much.

    1. Very True Martina. Spending more time with your family is probably the main reason you started your business in the first place. If you don’t give them the time then you’ve lost focus. I think it happens to all of us at times.

  3. Hi Andy, exactly! too much of push notification is very distracting. I tend to shut my phone off when I am working. One tips i will add on is exercise. I think exercise will help us to stay focus and destress. I find myself to be more focus after some a 30 minutes short run or HIIT. I still have my full time job now, i am working hard on my online business so that i can work from home and spend more time with my family. I believe i can achieve it soon. Thank you for the tips.

    1. That’s very true on the exercising. Can’t believe I missed that one lol. Going on walks with the grandkids is my my thing. As for going fulltime at home, keep at it, it will happen.

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