Affiliate Income Secrets Review

Name: Affiliate Income SecretsAffiliate Income Secrets
Price: $7
Owners: Mike Thomas (Mike From Maine)
Verdict: Legit



Do you want to start your own internet business and make some money? One proven way to make that money is through affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? It’s selling other people’s products online. You make money by getting a percentage (commission) of the earnings per sale.


What is Affiliate Income Secrets

Affiliate Income secrets is a video training course that teaches you how to make money through affiliate marketing. The course was created by Mike Thomas (Mike From Maine), a well-known and successful affiliate marketer. In this training, Mike uses his own experience to teach you how to build a successful online business from scratch. He explains the same strategies he uses every day to generate income.


What is Affiliate Income Secrets For?Affiliate Income Secrets

Affiliate Income Secrets is for anyone who wants to profit from the affiliate marketing niche. Mike tells you about all his success and failures. The system is structured in a way that focuses on his failures first and then how to go about fixing it. This makes it possible for you to learn from his years of experience. You can learn from his failures so you don’t have to go through them on your own. This might save you a lot of years of headaches.


Pros & Cons


  • Video Lessons. I really don’t like to read. That’s why I love videos and audio books. If you feel the same then this training will take care of that. The lessons are presented in videos, which give you a one-on-one coaching experience. It also makes the whole system easy to understand.
  • Quick and Easy Implementation. You don’t have to wait to get started. Most of the lessons can be implemented right away.
  • Practical Lessons. Unlike a lot of courses that are about theories, this system teaches things that have been tried and tested. Mike even shows you real-life examples that you can use as reference.
  • Free Live Training. Buying this training comes with webinars where the author will share even more secrets.



  • Basic Information. If you’re an experienced marketer, most of the training you will already know. The training is mostly newbie-friendly and the rest intermediate.
  • A one-time deal. That’s the bad thing about info products. It’s unclear if Mike updates the training area frequently, but that’s why I like membership sites. The training is usually updated and content improved.
  • Too Many Upsells. As soon as you purchase Affiliate Income Secrets, it goes into a series of upsells, each one more expensive than the course itself.


Tools & Training

The course begins with an introduction video. It gives you a view of the training. Mike provides links where he runs his business, experts he’s interviewed and income reports showing his success. This video is very important because he also talks about his failures and how he lost thousands of dollars due to a few simple mistakes. You can learn a lot from this video.

You get 22 videos. They offer a comprehensive look at Mike’s online business. I like video courses. They are easier to understand than reading hundreds of pages. You get to see the taken. Most of the videos are under 8 minutes.

You get Resources. This is one of the best things you’ll learn. Mike shows you all the resources he uses. Even though you can find them yourself online, he saves you the trouble of having to dig around for them. He’s compiled the list for you.

Some of the resources you’ll learn about are….

  • The type of microphone and webcam to use for product reviews and interviews
  • The best editing software for video, on PC and mac
  • Mike’s scripts for interviewing guests on his podcast, and also scripts to use for video reviews.
  • Free and cheap places to advertise your new affiliate business


Affiliate Income Secrets Support

Support is limited. This product is sold by a vendor, JVZoo, so the only support you get is product related, like refunds technical problems.

You’re completely alone when taking this course. There’s no one there with you. There is no visible support, or contact link inside the course area.


My Final Opinion

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Verdict: Legit


Affiliate Income Secrets is a good product for those who want to jumpstart their way into internet marketing success. The flaws are easily outweighed by the amount of potential profit you can get out of it. It’s a very useful video course for beginners. It covers a lot of important things that other courses ignore.


No matter how good or bad the content is, you’re still going to have questions. If there’s no one for you to turn to when you need answers, then it doesn’t matter if the course is the best available. You’re still stuck. Make sense?

I’m talking about community. A community of people you can turn to and ask questions. A community that’s more than willing to help. A community where you can send a message to the site owners and get a response back.

A community like my 1 recommendation.


Should you have any comments about this product or its creator in general, feel free to leave it below.


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  1. Thank you for checking this out. I’ve seen a couple of ads for this course and I was looking for someone who has used it. Did you use any of the add-ons, and were they cost effective? I’m on a limited budget, so I need to know if this will work for me.

    1. Actually I didn’t do any of the upsells. You actually have a chance to get them later also. I was just interested in the main course. If you’re on a limited budget, skip the upsells and do the main course first and then decide later if you’d like to do the upsells. The main course had enough good information on its own.

  2. Making Life Profitable. Nice name. I think I can remember this one. Thanks for the information on Affiliate income whatever it was. I see that you only give them a 5 of 10, is there a company that rates higher in your book? Do you use or recommend an online company that is legit, that you can make money with, that will not break the bank?

  3. Hi Andy,

    This is a well rounded review and the product seems pretty decent for only $7. It does sound pretty basic but I guess that’s what you get for only that much money.

    I don’t like the up-sells so that is a big turn off for me and the lack of support makes it tough for newbies. Thanks for giving us such an objective look at this offer, cheers!

  4. Hey Sandel, Great looking review on Affiliate Income Secrets, and for someone who has been really looking for a legit online opportunity, I really felt like you provided a lot of useful information on what the product has to offer, it seems like something that can kick start your online business. I will be sure to share with others. Thanks, Adam

  5. I’m glad to know it is legit, but I hate companies that are constantly trying to up sell me. It makes me feel like that are just about the money they can get from people. I’m glad I read your review because it is helping me to realize that Affiliate Income Secrets might not be for me, since I already know the basics. Thanks for helping me to save a few bucks.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Wendy. Upsells can be a pain, but remember they are part of the sales funnel. The real money is made on the back end.

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