7 Steps to S.U.C.C.E.S.S. With Facebook

Not all businesses fare well when dealing with a fast paced environment such as the social media. Some enjoy high growth at first, but end up slipping off at a later date.


How do you succeed in Facebook marketing?

Follow this recipe towards S.U.C.C.E.S.S.S.U.C.C.E.S.S With Facebook

  1. Sponsored stories. People tend to give high regard to their friends’ recommendations, so invest more in sponsored stories, where the ad appears with a corresponding story. For example, when promoting your event, a sponsored story would say, “Friend 1 and 10 others are going.” This would spark credibility in the eyes of the user.
  2. Updates. Something very essential in social media marketing is the constant updates. New content will keep your audience more engaged, meaning frequent visits to your page. Keeping up with the recent trends is also a must to survive in the online world. In other words, post frequently.
  3. Curiosity. To entice your audience on your posts, Use headlines that will spark curiosity. The posts will act like bait that will lead your customers to the desired page. Also include images that will convey a message without giving out the entire story.
  4. Competition. To get ahead, you must know your competition. Use the watch page feature of Facebook to consistently watch over certain pages. You can use this to learn more about customer feedback on which works and which does not.
  5. Engagement. Engaging your customers is a must. By engaging them, this means that your page must be conducive to activities, and involves a lot of audience participation. You can add questions, or even start some promos to further invite more people to like your page. Moreover, the more active your page is, the better chance it would be to fare better in SEO. Search engines can easily find their way to pages that are frequently shared by people.
  6. Schedule. For a more efficient page management, make good use of the scheduled post feature. Write, type, edit or upload any photo in advance, ad post it at a later date. It can be editable and can be cancelled as you like. This is recommended especially when targeting certain day parts.
  7. Sustain. Once you have established a group of followers and a strong fan base, you need to maintain a certain level of growth rate, just like in any other business. You need to constantly invite more people, and extend your reach as much as possible.

With over a billion users, Facebook is indeed an excellent ground to promote and extend your network. By keeping in mind the steps to S.U.C.C.E.S.S., you can easily win over your competitors, increase your site traffic and more importantly, translate every click into sales.


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  1. Great advice on Facebook marketing – something I am still not that clever with ( no matter how hard I try! ). I specifically interested in the first point you covered – Sponsored stories. Do you have any other options to make use of this method and how much ( on average ) would it cost to do successfully?

    1. I actually use numbers 1 & 2 together. When posting updates, it can’t always be about you. So I I’ll use other peoples stories as my update. Let’s say your niche is travel. If you see an article on a website that you would like to share, just put the link to that page on your post, make a comment about it why you’re sharing it and post it. You can do the same if you see a post on someone else’s page.

  2. I want to know more about the facebook schedule a post feature. Does this work for groups and pages? Do I have to be the admin? Where can I access this feature? Are there any drawbacks? Have you tried any Facebook groups auto posting software? You have definitely got me thinking… and I thought that I was pretty “on top” of the facebook thing.

    1. You can schedule posts on pages you control, not groups. The feature is located at the top of your page under Publishing Tools. I have not tried any auto posting software for groups. I don’t deal with groups much, since most of them are filled with spam and useless offers. The one’s I do deal with with, not many, I contribute by joining conversations. I don’t advertise in the them.

  3. Hey you have a cool site. It has a lot of value

    Iv never heard of the Success method for marketing towards Facebook. It looks like a solid method and one i might use because my Facebook marketing isn’t that strong.

    I really like how you added engagement in their too. Customers are going to want to know you are listening to what they are saying,

    Thanks for info

  4. Wow!

    Really, if one thinks of using facebook to get in with the trend, this is a very good article to prove that one can actually use this for marketing. This way, scrolling through the news feed and liking or sharing posts wouldn’t seem to be such a waste of time because by doing so, one can earn money.

    The tips and strategies that have been included in this article can definitely help some potential social media marketers who would want to use facebook for their own cause.

    Great job on this article!

  5. i didn’t know that posting frequently is a key to getting more followers to you page. As far as engagement and activity is concerned. Do I need to have the comment section being active in a Facebook post? If so, how would you go about it besides just getting likes on the post?


    1. Yes Jessie, when someone likes, comments on or shares your post, it’s brought back up to the top of the news feed. Your friends’ friends might comment or share and their friends too and so on and so on. That’s how posts become viral.

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