12 Easy Internet Marketing Tips That Will Change Your Outlook

So you’ve started your online business and have your website built.


Now what?

Now you have to get traffic to your website.12 Marketing Tips

Here are some tips to help you out along the way. They’re in no certain order.

  • Evaluate the content of your website. Know what your website says. Know what the goals of the site are. Have it filled with good, relevant content. A well-defined website will attract more traffic.
  •  Include a “resources” section on your website. Your website visitors are more likely to return to view your resources often, eventually leading to a sale.
  • Claim your business on yelp, google maps, map quest and everywhere else on the web that it exists. Communicate with your customers by using these pages. Make sure your information is accurate. Control the conversation about your business.
  • Pay attention to image searches. Placing relevant images on your site will pique interest in your offer. Good images tend to keep people on your site longer.
  • Use social networking to your advantage. Having pages in social media will help you generate leads. Ask your friends and family to share your pages. There are hundreds of social websites available, but you should definitely be on Facebook, Twitter, google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Give something away for free. It can be a book, a sample, a contest for products or services or some other freebie. Giving something for free will greatly increase the chances that your links will get passed on to others. It’s a great way to grow an email list.
  • Use pay-per-click advertisement to increase your website visibility. Programs like Google AdWords help bring your website get to the top in the rankings. For long-term, you need to advertise and keep learning about the newest Internet marketing innovations.
  • Incorporate chat into your web site. Whether is live chat or giving your visitors the ability to leave comments, a blog for example, connecting with them is important.
  • Remind your readers to bookmark your website. If a visitor is interested in your website, they won’t have to search for it if it’s bookmarked. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprise how many people forget to do it. Give them a quick subtle reminder.
  • A professional looking website that looks appealing will draw more traffic than one that is poorly designed. They enjoy increased bookmarking, return visits and RSS feed and e-zine subscriptions. Check out your competition and see what’s working for them. Do you need help with your website? Don’t know how to go about making it look professional? I can help you with that. Check out my Build A Website page.
  • Don’t drown your URLs in keywords and phrases. They look unnatural to people who would otherwise click on the links. It’s always a good idea to use the most relevant keywords possible in your URLs, but don’t go crazy here. Links need to look natural. Links that look like spam do not get clicked, so keep things neat and simple.
  • Use offline marketing along with your internet marketing. Try putting your logo and website address on things like t-shirts, mugs, calendars, and stickers. Give them to friends and family or use them as free give aways. These will often be very practical and easy ways to make recipients happy and advertise your business.

These are just a few tips that will hopefully help you to simplify the marketing process a little bit. It’s still not going to be a piece of cake, but nothing worth doing ever is. Apply these tips correctly, focus on what you’re doing, and you will watch happily as your business begins to grow and profit.

Have any other ideas? Tell us about them by commenting below.


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  1. Hey Sandel

    These sure are some fantastic Internet Marketing tips that I can leverage for my online business 😀

    Giving away freebies is great advice because I had never actually thought of doing this with my website visitors.

    COOL! You have just given me some fresh new ideas with offline marketing too because they will help to create extra opportunities for traffic, leads and sales 🙂


  2. Hi there! You have provided great tips, thanks for that! My website is new and I am just starting to experience couple of visitors a day. Around 6.. I see that many websites ranked better than mine in spite of offering much less details. I am sure that if my pages were better ranked, my traffic would be much higher… In that case what should I focus on right now in order to get better results? Many many Thanks


    1. I’m not sure how much content you have so far, but with a new website, just concentrate on the content for now. It will take a while for rankings and trust building.

  3. Hey Sandel! I enjoyed reading your 12 easy internet marketing tips. I was wondering specifically about the social networking section, particularly facebook. What if you don’t want to bug all your family and friends to like your page? Obviously, a bunch of them will (or at least should) but are there other ways? For example is it a good idea to reach out to similar businesses, ‘like’ their pages, and ask for a like in return? Thanks for any advice you can give 🙂

    1. Yes Christian, there is nothing wrong with asking them to like your page. You need to put a link to your page on your website and your other social profiles, you can run ads and boost your posts to get more likes.

  4. I read the article about getting traffic to my new site.
    You have done a good job bringing attention to some of the obvious as well as some of the least obvious. I did not think about the resource center.
    I will say that reminding the reader to bookmark this page seems obvious, but even I overlook this step in my hast.
    Overall, good article, and I did bookmark it.

    1. Thanks for the feedback William. You’d be surprise how something obvious to someone, may not be for someone else, especially newbies. So don’t take it for granted that some might not know it.

  5. These are some great tips for internet marketers and I especially like the “giving something away for free” idea. Providing an incentive for website visitors to join your email list will only turn into a growing client-base down the road. “Resources” sections are popular as well and can provide people with a lot of value, which can lead to bookmarking for repeat visitors and sometimes even quality backlinks.

  6. The most powerful point you’ve covered here, that most bloggers tend to ignore, is that of social media. Through Twitter and G+ alone I get over 4000 daily visitors to my 5 websites. I never really concentrate on organic traffic at first – that always comes after you’ve published 50 articles on each site. Socail media is the initial basis for all my website’s success!

  7. Thank you for this article.

    I have just started my website. The tips you provided are awesom and helped me understand more about this game.

    I hope I will be able to generate a full time income in the next year so I could be my own boss.

    Keep up the good work

    Have a nice day

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